100: These Desert Places of the Earth

Map of Africa in 1913, colored according to colonial control: (British [pink], French [blue], German [green], Belgian [yellow], Portuguese [purple], Spanish [magenta], Italian [chartreuse], and independent states [gray]). Map is overlaid with modern borders.

The Great War was not limited to Europe. Many of the European nations involved in the war had colonial territories in Africa, and when war began in Europe, it inevitably spilled over.







Opening War Theme

African Drum Jam
Recorded in Shanghai, China by RTB45 and used pursuant to a Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 license. Source.

Street Music
Traditional. Public domain.
Public domain recording. Source.

Closing War Theme


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  1. Congratulations Mark on reaching your century. This podcast is an impressive work of erudition and a pleasure to listen to. I particularly enjoyed this episode introducing as it did a lesser known theatre of the Great War. All the best for Christmas and the New Year Mark. And long may History of the Twentieth Century continue.

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