Here are some events I will be attending, and I invite any of my listeners to come along. And if you’re there, do look me up!


I will be attending the 51st Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Conference, May 18-21, 1017, in Pittsburgh, PA. More information is available here.


I will be attending Mythmoot IV, June 1-4, 1017, in Leesburg, VA. Mythmoot is a conference about (and celebration of) imaginative literature, including science fiction and fantasy, with an emphasis on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Guests at Mythmoot include Verlyn Flieger, Michael Drout, and Corey Olsen (the Tolkien Professor), who are among the biggest names in Tolkien studies. More information about Mythmoot is available here.


I will be attending Confluence 2017, August 4-6, just outside Pittsburgh, PA. Confluence is the annual convention hosted by Parsec, the Pittsburgh-area science fiction and fantasy organization. This year’s guests of honor are Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. More information about Confluence is available here.