“The History of the Twentieth Century” is a podcast dedicated to telling the story of the twentieth century. While we love talking about international politics and war as much as the next grognard, The History of the Twentieth Century takes an interdisciplinary approach, and endeavors to include art, culture, music, literature, theatre, film, television, science and religion, and their influences on one another and on good old international politics and war. We also try to include the historical perspectives of people not normally considered when talking about history, i.e., everyone who isn’t an upper-class, gray-haired, white European straight Christian man.

The producer and host of the podcast is Mark Painter. Mark is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania. The last time he studied history formally was in the eleventh grade at Pottsgrove High School, and that was a very long time ago. He is a gray-haired, white European straight Christian man, but not upper class, so, yay, diversity.

You can learn more about Mark Painter’s other projects here.