073: For Serbia We Shall Do Everything

View of modern central Sarajevo.

Following Serbia’s victories in the two Balkan Wars, Serb irredentists turn their attention to prying Bosnia away from Austria-Hungary and plot the assassination of the Austrian Crown Prince.

(In the above photograph of modern Sarajevo, we see the river flowing through the center of the city. On June 28, 1914, the motorcade transporting Archduke Ferdinand was traveling east (down, as the photo is oriented) along the Appel Quay on the north (right) bank of the river. As the motorcade passed the first bridge at the top of the photograph, the bomb was thrown. Gavrilo Princip was at that time waiting at the end of the Latin Bridge, which is the second bridge from the top of the photo.

(After the bombing, the motorcade proceeded to the Sarajevo town hall, which is the red and yellow building on the lower right of the photo. Princip moved to the opposite side of Appel Quay (behind the large tree in the upper right of the photo) to catch the motorcade on the way back. After the stop at the town hall, the motorcade went back the way it came, west (up) the Appel Quay and made a right turn where Princip was waiting.)






Opening Theme

Four Romantic Pieces, Op. 75, No. 1
Composed in 1887 by Antonín Dvořák. Public domain.
Performed by Roxana Pavel Goldstein (violin) and Monica Pavel (piano). Used pursuant to a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Source.

Strauss Waltz Medley
Composed by Johann Strauss Jr. Public domain.
Performed by the United States Air Force Band. Public domain recording. Source.

Kaval Music
Performed by Boris Todorović (kaval). Used pursuant to a Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 license. Source.



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