055: So Far From God

Francisco Madero, the 33rd President of Mexico
Francisco Madero, the 33rd President of Mexico

For many years, Mexico has been living under the rule of Porfirio Díaz. By the early twentieth century, Díaz is in his 70s and is growing increasingly out of touch. He will be deposed, and that will trigger the Mexican Revolution.






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“El Pájaro Carpintero” (“The Carpenter Bird”)
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Performed by Los Hijos de la Malinche (Noé González Molina, Alberto de Jesus Nazario, & Julio Cesar de la Cruz Gonzalez) and edited by Widkipedia users Manetx, PlatinumCarlos, Sophie AgDz, Andresmedina95 & AmandaGraM95. Source.
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  1. It wil be curious to see where Mike Duncan sets the beginning of the Mexican Revolt, though that now looks to be more than a year away. You do a very nice job of covering each topic, with the right amount of “toungue-in-cheek” attitude and sarcasm. Thank you. I have donated today.

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