040: Moments of Tension

Théophile Delcassé.

In 1905, Germany precipitates an international crisis over French intervention in Morocco, hoping to drive a wedge between France and Britain.







Opening Theme

“Arabesca” from 12 danzas españolas, arranged for guitar.
Composed in 1880 by Enrique Granados Campiña. Public domain.
Performed by William Riley. Public domain recording. Source.


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2 thoughts on “040: Moments of Tension

  1. Best history podcast out there. I am working my way through it. It’s probably me, but when I clicked on Transcript for episode 40 I got Transcript 38. I am interested in this Treaty that Wilhelm sprung on the Tsar. In what language was it written I wonder. Does anyone know ?

    Good work Mr Painter.

    • Thanks. It’s not you; it’s me. The link is fixed now and should give the correct transcript. If I recall correctly, the draft treaty was in English. Both of them spoke English well and that was the language they usually communicated in. If it wasn’t English, it was most likely French, which was the language usually used in diplomacy at the time.

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