032: Red Sun Rising

A period map of the theater of the Russo-Japanese War (click for larger version).
A period map of the theater of the Russo-Japanese War.

This week, part two of our series on the Russo-Japanese War, covering the Battle of the Yalu River, the battles at Nanshan and Delixu, the naval Battle of the Yellow Sea and the Russian raids on Japanese shipping. And in St. Petersburg, Admiral Rozhdestvensky prepares for an unprecedented effort to send ships from the Baltic Fleet all the way around Africa and Asia to link up with the embattled Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur.






Opening Theme

Traditional. Public domain.
Performed by Ron Korb. Public domain recording. Source.

“Farewell of Slavianka”
Composed in 1912 by Vasily Ivanovich Agapkin. Public domain.
Performed by the United States Coast Guard Band. Public domain recording. Source.

Closing Theme


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