076: Today Is Better Than Tomorrow

Franz Xaver Josef Conrad von Hötzendorf

The government of the Dual Monarchy spends most of the next four weeks after the assassination pondering its response. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe is moving on, not expecting a strong Austrian response.






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“Werdenfelser Trompeten-Ländler”
Traditional. Public domain.
Performed by the Dachauer Bauern-Kapelle, under the direction of Hans Straßmaier. Public domain recording made in 1910. Source.

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One thought on “076: Today Is Better Than Tomorrow

  1. An excellent episode! I love this podcast because so many history lessons just go straight from the Archduke’s death to the Great War as if nothing happened in between. There were so many little things that might have changed the course of world history if only someone hadn’t taken a vacation here or been injured there. Thank you for shedding light on history that is often glossed over.

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