051: Goodbye, Youth!

Bosnian Annexation
The French publication Le Petit Journal on the annexation of Bosnia. Ferdinand of Bulgaria is shown tearing Bulgaria away from the Ottoman Empire with one hand as he crowns himself king with the other. Austrian Kaiser Franz Josef is shown similarly tearing away Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the Ottoman Sultan, Abdul Hamid II, looks on, annoyed but helpless.

Austria-Hungary makes a bid for relevance in the twentieth century by annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in so doing, shakes things up in Europe.






Opening Theme

An der schönen blauen Donau (On the Beautiful Blue Danube)
Composed in 1866 by Johann Strauss II. Public domain.
Recording used pursuant to a Creative Commons license. Details.

Strauss Waltz Medley
Arranged and performed by the United States Air Force Band Strolling Strings. Public domain. Source.

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